Our Investor committment.


Our Investor committment.

Hello Investors,

     I am the founder of Agent4Life and my committment is providing Superior Service to all our clients. Through out my 20 years of Real Estate, I have noticed that many home owners/investors get very stressed when they want to sell their homes. Their stress could be for many reasons:

1) Not having the time to have the home ready especially after the tenants left and destroyed the home.

2) Owners are far away from the property and with the crazy commute, it will be stressful.

3) Not having the resources to find local vendors to perform the job.

4) Not sure who to trust.

5) Not having the financial means to get the home ready.

I have helped many home sellers, whether homeowners or investors to overcome all these issues. That is why I designed the White Glove Treatment.

What is the White Glove Treatment?

We will provide the resources, complete the work and the cost will be known upfront, with no surprises. Here is what we do:

  • Paint interior or exterior of home
  • Replace carpet
  • Staging
  • Professional Interior cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Haul away junk.
  • Professional photography and video

So you ask what's the catch? 

We are very transparent and the cost will be incorporated in the listing agreement. There will be no surprises. No new invoices. You will save at least 50% of the cost with the program and not to mention the fact that your home will look a lot bnetter as well as sell faster and at a higher price. 

So, here are the advantages:

  1. No headaches or stress.
  2. Job will be done professionally
  3. Your cost will be a lot less than if you do it yourself.
  4. Your home will sell faster.
  5. Home will sell at a higher price.
  6. You will get a lot more for your investment.

Give us a call to go over the details. No obligations. You will be surprised.


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