Real Estate Investing


        Investing in Real Estate requires planning. If you are a beginner, you need to seek experienced advice from veteran Realtors as well as have a plan. There are many factors to consider but I will only go over a few here. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or need guidance.

Here are some factors that you should think about when investing.

1) Experience is a must. Prior to investing, you might want to read articles or books about investing before plunging into it and putting your capital in jeopardy.

2) Your time. Investing in real estate requires time, time to manage the investment, time to fix should anything break. It might be wise to have a property management.

3) Financial Resources. Are you paying cash or financing the property? Your return on investment should be positive. If your total expenses, costs, maintenance and utilities surpass the rental income, then you do have a problem. I would suggest you discuss with your Realtor and loan Agent to go over the numbers.

4) How comfortable are you with different risk level? Sometimes, taking risks might be rewarding. Buying a run down property in an underdeveloped area with the hope the area will improve can bring you high returns on the property value apprreciation. But, can you handle the risk? Or do you want to play it safe? It is your call. Many investors might not be able to stomach the ups and downs in such situation.

5) Prior to Investing, try to figure out your yield returns. Set your goals and if discussing the numbers with your Realtor and Loan Agent will not get you yuour goal yield, then it is not meant for you.

Good Luck in investing. Feel free to contact me @ 209-914-4751 with questions.

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